Sea Lion in Paracas Reserve
Peruvian Potatoes.

Records of Peru

1. - Peru is located among the five countries with bigger diversity of the planet.

2. - Peru is the first country in the world in number of butterflies (3.000 species), in birds (1.816 species), in orchids (4.000 species), in native domesticated plants (182 species).

3. -It is the first country in America in number of mammals (460 species).

4. - The first country in potato varieties, more than 3.000 varieties. We also have 36 ecotypes of corn.

5. - Peru has about 25.000 species of plants (10% of the world). Approximately 5.500 are endemic that means that only there are in Peru. (See the list).

6. - Peru has 623 species of fruits, 1.408 species of medicinal plants and 1.600 of ornamental plants.

7. – Peru contains 84 eco-systems of the 117 that there are in the world.

8. – Peru has 28 of the 32 types of climate of the earth.

9. –The Amazon River that has the largest drainage basin in the world, has its origin in Peru. The Amazon River has a total extension of 6.788 Km.

10. - The highest mountain in Peru is the Huáscaran with 6.746 meters, it is located in Huaraz.

11. - The deepest canyon in the world is in Arequipa, the Cotahuasi: 3.535 meters. However, the most visited one is the Colca canyon (3.400 meters deep), famous to be the place to observe the flight of the condors.

12. - The highest navigable lake in the world is the Titicaca located 3.830 m.a.s.l.

13. - It is estimated that in the Peruvian Andes there are about twelve thousand lagoons.

14. - The lowest point in Peru is located in Bayovar, Piura, in the Sechura desert, its depth is 34 meters below the sea level.
15. - The lowest Mountain pass in Peru is Porculla, 2.145 meters high, located in the highway Olmos - Tarapoto.