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This page offers basic information about Peru, with data of history, geography, ecology, art and other important details of Peru.

Peru is a country with a varied geography, with a privileged natural wealth. We have 1820 species of birds, of which 120 only exist in Peru.

The population's 31% is concentrated in Lima city. The hope of life is 74,6 years and the literacy rate is 87,9.

The income per capita is 6541 dollars (2014). The poverty has decreased from 48,7 in the 2005 to 22.5% in 2014. The economic growth for 2015 is projected in 3,8%.

Peru is the third producer of silver on the world, just behind México,third in copper and zinc.

According to Bloomberg (2014), Peru is among the main producers of gold:
1º China with 450 annual metric tons, 2º Australia (270 MT), 3º Russia (245 MT), 4º United States (211 MT), 5º Canada (160 MT), 6º Peru (150 MT).