Info Peru - General Information

Peru is located in the central and western part of South America. According to its location to the equatorial line, Peru is part of the south hemisphere.

1.285.216,63 Km.2, It is the third country in extension in South America.
The longitude of the marine coast from the Talweg of the channel of Capons, frontier with Ecuador, until the line of the Concord arrives to the Pacific Ocean, frontier with Chile, is  approximately 3.080 kilometers.
The total perimeter of its territory, considering the continental frontiers and the marine coast is 10.153 kilometers.

About 30.000.000  inhabitants.

According to the Political Constitution of Peru: “The Republic of the Peru is democratic, social, independent and sovereign.
The State is one and indivisible.
Its government is unitary, representative and decentralized, and it is organized according to the principle of the separation of powers.”
The President of the Republic is chosen every five years in general elections. The actual President of the Republic is Ollanta Humala Tasso, he swore his function on July 28, 2016.

Peru is divided in 24 departments and a constitutional province, El Callao.

Traditionally the Peru is divided in three big regions: The coast (11% of the national territory), the Highland (32%) and the Jungle (57%).
Another division was offered by Javier Pulgar Vidal in 1941, which establishes 8 natural regions: it  was the most proper and used. Another interesting proposal is that of Antonio Brack Egg, this considers 11 natural ecological regions; its purpose is to fill the holes that had Pulgar Vidal's thesis.

Besides Spanish, it is also speak : Quechua and Aimara and about 42 native dialects, mainly in the jungle.